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4 Unique Ideas for Corporate Events in Southern California

Who says corporate events have to be predictable? If your company is seeking ways to make their corporate events a destination as well as something their employees will enjoy, then Southern California might just be your best bet for a venue. The following list includes four unique ideas to make this happen.

By the Beach

There's no doubt about it, California holds some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It’s a no-brainer to seek some locations along the California coast to host your corporate event. While you can certainly host a beach party that will impress your employees, why not take it an extra step that will truly make your event unique? It is highly recommended to incorporate other activities to truly make the trip memorable. This may include contests such as rope pull and volleyball. San Diego Coastkeeper says to consider other team-building activities as well, such as performing a beach cleanup with your staff.


Southern California holds the distinction of hosting an array of various top-level wineries that are excellent options for your corporate event. Not only does a winery provide you with a beautiful background that you can post on your company website, but South Coast Winery Resort & Spa says that it also treats your employees for their hard work. You may choose to settle with one vineyard or try an array of flavors from the wineries around the area.

In the Woods

Hosting your corporate event in the woods is truly one of the best ways to make your event that much more unique. According to Middle Ranch, the Angeles National Forest has mountains and dense forests. The woods in Southern California have been used for many years by companies to host a variety of events, such as weddings and anniversary parties, because of their natural beauty and the perfect climate. Also, the woods are incredibly beautiful and accessible by the public. In addition to this, the woods also allow you to incorporate unique activities to further enhance the enjoyability of your event, like a staff hike or zip lining.


During work, many employees have little time to truly express themselves. This is why so many companies choose to incorporate art and creativity into their corporate events. Southern California is the perfect place for this idea as it holds a plethora of art studios and museums for your employees to enjoy. Activities such as attending art classes and taking museum tours are a few examples of the many things an art-centered corporate event can include.

California is an incredibly beautiful and exciting place to visit or live. This is why so many companies have chosen this state to set up shop. So why host an uninspired event when you could instead impress your employees, clients, and stakeholders at a corporate retreat in beautiful Southern California.

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