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10 Fantastic Items To Try At The Beach Right Now!

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We get asked so often what our pack list is, and no matter if we are headed to a local beach or are jet setting off to a resort hotel we have so many must haves we decided to write a list, and tell you where you can get our favorite items!

Here is our list of the 10 MUST HAVE fantastic items to bring on your next beach outing. 

1.  The Perfect Sun Hat:

Favorite Big Floppy Sun Hat

We love big floppy sun hats because they keep you both protected and cool, but are stylish at the same time.

Here is the link for to my favorite one which I found on Amazon.  I have honestly cant get enough of these and I ordered this in multiple colors.  

The Best part about them is they are adjustable on the inside so they will never be too loose or too tight for your head. They also pack really well because they have wire on the brim that allows you to reshape them really easily. 


2.  A Waterproof and Sand Proof Blanket:

Waterproof and Sand proof Beach Blanket

I just got this one on Amazon and I am absolutely in LOVE with it.  Not only do I take it to the beach, but I also am now using it for picnics and other outdoor activities. 

It is waterproof and sand proof, and is made out of a comfortable and soft fabric like a normal blanket.  Measuring 9'x7', It comes in a reusable carry bag and also includes 4 stakes and clips so that you can anchor the corners down to stop the breeze from picking them up. 

The best thing about this blanket is that it folds down small enough so you can fit it easily in your suitcase to take to any travel destination with you. 


3. Sunglasses:

DIFF Charitable EyewearEveryone knows you can't go to the beach without sunglasses. If you have never experienced DIFF Sunnies you are truly missing out. This trendy sunglass line not only protects your eyes with polarized lenses in more than 20 styles, but they are also consider themselves fashion with a mission. For every pair of DIFF Charitable Eyewear that you purchase a donation of a pair of reading glasses is made to someone in need. DIFF has also partnered with Sight Savers to provide donations of vision health services such as eye exams, surgeries, and other medicine. 
I have a few pair of their sunglasses - but my absolute favorite are my pink and gold Becky's.  DIFF has it's own Amazon store so you can get your own becky's here  (as well as all the other styles).  If you want to learn more about the DIFF Eyewear Mission or what they are doing to help vision health visit their website here    


4. Water Bottle:

Motivational Water Bottle

One of the main things to remember at the shore is that you need to stay hydrated. So a water bottle is always a must have. I also like to pack them in my suitcase so I have a to go cup I can walk around with.  This 32 oz water bottle reminds me to drink, which is why I like it. 





5. A Small Cooler:

Corcsicle Soft Sided Cooler

This Corkcicle Soft Sided Cooler is the perfect solution and size for keeping things cool on the go It measures 11" x 7.5"x9.5" and is the perfect size to snugly fits 8 cans, 2 bottles of wine or all the snack you need in style and it features a long strap that makes it super easy to carry. 





6.  Large Beach Bag 

Large Nautical Stripe Beach Bag

Every vacation suit case that I pack includes one of these large beach bags.  They are fantastic to tote all of your stuff around the resort and to keep all your small stuff and valuables in one place on the sand. This nautical one, with the rope handles is my current go to. 




7.  A Wet/Dry Bag:

Small Wet/Dry Bag

I always seem to end up with wet clothes or things I need to keep dry, so Inside my beach bag, I always have one of these small wet bags, that way if I change out of my bathing suit I have a place to put the wet items.  

Mesh Zipper Pouches

 As a bonus item on the list (and because organization is a must for me), I also pack a few of these mesh zipper pouches that I can keep things I don't want to get sandy in.  These are also a great way to contain hairbands and accessories, as well as chargers and other wires for your devices. The addition of these mesh pouches to your bag will keep you organized and ready.  In fact I leave a set of all my necessities packed inside my beach bag when I am not at the beach, or on vacation so that it's ready to grab and go. 



7. Sunscreen: 

Coola 30 SPF Reef Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must have at the beach, especially in the more tropical climates where the sun is stronger. In order to do our part to protect the reefs and keep our oceans clean we use and promote organic reef safe sunscreen that has UVA and UVB protection.  My favorites are the Coola 30SPF tropical coconut spray and Sun Bum 30 SPF spray.  Both of these also come in lotions, if that is your preference.  



8. Beach Games:

collapsible cornhole set

Adults and kids alike always love this collapsible corn hole set. Everyone is always asking for it when I leave it at home. The great thing is it fits perfectly in its small carry bag (only 11 inches) and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. The Set comes with 2 boards, 8 Bags, 8 stakes to secure them and the carrying case. 




9. Micro Fiber Beach Towels:

Micro fiber Towel

Of course if you plan on getting in the water you have to have a towel to dry off with, and these ultra soft and super absorbent micro fiber towels do the trick. The benefit of a microfiber towel is they are quick to air dry, and light weight.  The XX Large is 35"x75" and comes in a plastic storge box, making them perfect not only for the beach, but also to pack in your suitcase for a vacation, or your backpack for a day hike.  





10. Leave in Conditioner: 

Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave in Conditioner

If you are anything like me this will save your curly beach mane from an epic sand filled disaster. I have a bottle of this Sun Bum 3 in 1 leave in conditioner stuffed everywhere from my purse to my beach bag and even in my suitcase. It is truly a lifesaver. 

So there you have it, our must have list for beach or tropical travel. Did we forget anything?  Leave us a comment and let us know what's on your list.


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